Car AC Problems


A car AC is a must in every vehicle, but it is quite difficult to maintain it properly. It has a major role to keep the engine of the car cool during hot days and it also helps in purifying the air, thus making the traveling comfortable for the passengers. But many of the problems occur when there is a need for replacing or repairing of the AC system of car.

If the air filter gets dirty, dust particles get stuck and clog the air line in an instant, the cooling will stop at once. If the fan motor of the AC is not working properly, then it can't give a smooth flow of air to the interiors of your car. In this case, the condition of the car AC will become worse than before, view Peak Performance. In this regard, you should not waste any time and immediately take action to repair the problem of the AC by replacing the faulty one.

There are two types of AC compressors available in the market, namely, a compressor and solid-state compressor. The difference between the two types is that the ac compressor uses liquid refrigerant and the solid state one uses a gas. AC compressor is considered to be much safer than the air conditioner. In case of any emergency, you just have to drain the coolant tank of your AC compressor, turn on the generator and push the red button to switch on. The coolant will be drained automatically after a while.

The compressor will give you some warning messages, such as busy indicators or heated filters. In such cases, it will be wise to replace the compressor immediately. This problem can be easily rectified by consulting an AC Repair expert, who can fix the AC compressor without any additional expenditure on your part. You just have to tell him your requirements and he will charge you according to his expertise.

One more major problem associated with AC is water pump breaking down. This is a very expensive problem and it can only be repaired by the certified technicians. If you have an older model of AC and it is more than 10 years old, then it is advisable to get it serviced regularly by a technician, so that all the parts are in perfect working condition, also shop now. The mechanic will check the condition of the water pump, which should be in perfect working condition, before replacing the whole unit. Only professionals can repair the AC system.

Car AC, just like the air conditioning systems in houses, also need regular servicing to keep them in perfect working condition. You can either take the services of a mechanic or can even choose to do it yourself. If you opt for the service yourself, you must ensure that you know what exactly you are doing. It is always better to take help from an AC Repair company, as they are more experienced and will be able to repair all the AC problems, efficiently. Read more at